Miami TV is a popular entertainment channel based in Miami with famous projects. Miami TVís broadcasts are full of beauty, positivity and humor. Anyone can plunge into it's sunny atmosphere online anytime they like. The channel was created with a Latin American audience in mind, but it is now being viewed virtually all around the world. The reason is simple, it is unique. Why the smiles? Hoy Miami is an infotainment program, covering the city's main events. This was Miami TV's first big hit. Watch the smart interviews, active discussions, the most beautiful top-models and the best sports of Latin America and all news of Florida.

Do you live in Miami? With Miami TV you will have your finger on the pulse. Never been to Miami? Let Miami TV take you to the seaside. Miami TV videos and TV shows are broadcast to the world through various satellites and channels, Watch Miami TV online on your mobile device or ordinary computer and take part in city lifestyle!.